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> most human creativity is expended suppressing creativity

i like this framing, the dynamic seems like a parallel (or maybe even literal) expression of the predator-prey arms race that's been going on since the first prokaryotes discovered predation

predator: "how do i extract resource more efficiently from you?"

prey: "how do i avoid/resist you?"

i wouldnt be surprised if "creativity" as a thing was originally born in exactly this liminal arena, along these lines of tension. it's no wonder that we're at our most creative when chafing under limits, within boundaries, etc... i'll refrain from bringing up hell-baked

but otherwise, hell yes to earnestness. this sense of vitality, of quickness of blood, of internal mad mystical dances and of wildness of spirit is _exactly_ the most fundamental animating principle i have found

orient yourself with these flames, and you learn to live without the twists and mental contortions we grew up so dependent on

and youve got the most crucial bit down, words are important, but you have to come away with a wild vibration in the bones if you are to understand and carry the lesson

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Thank you so much for writing this, made my heart melt :)

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glad you published again! and I didn't mind the meandering at all; it felt like a "deeper dive" version of what could've been one of your videos in which you explore an idea. speaking of (your yt videos), I hope to see you mention that you're glad you published again! ;)

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I just re-read this essay ~7 months after I wrote and published it, and I like it so much more now than I did at the time. I was almost frustrated with the meandering while I was doing it, but now I see it as something beautiful. It's precisely the meandering that makes it good! 🥲 much to feel and think about

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