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Would love to hear more about your thoughts on understanding media. Have had it in my queue for a while.

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I’m okay with this BUT if people don’t like it, it highlights how limiting modern digital publishing

I should be able to easily subscribe to you as an author and if you tag your posts, I can be selective

This means the reader doesn’t get overwhelmed and can see more of what they value from a particular voice

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I really enjoyed this format! I don't know how representative it is because your post are kinda always very page-turny and fun to read for me, the style resonates.

Seeing the unresolved processes or tensions as they are, without a clearly drawn conclusion yet, is interesting. Lots of cool and exciting bits in each little paragraphs for me also. It reminded me of having walks with a friend in a book shop and catching up with their life while intermittently sharing excitedly about this or that book and stuff it reminds us of.

Also 'stray clippings' rhymes with 'stay winning' lol

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I definitely think you should peruse this form along side you formal essays. This actually a form I have experimented with in the past but could never figure out if people enjoyed reading it. Now I know, because I enjoyed this completely. Actually enjoyed it more than a formal essays.

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