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"Do you see what they’re doing? They’re giving people purpose and meaning! Literally handing it out like free candy!"

I love the "they can't keep getting away with it!" energy of this line.

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More pop culture examples of ancestors:

The climax of almost any sports movie features the protagonist reliving memories of his coaches/parents/people who guided him.

In deathly hallows, Harry meets his parents one last time before his ultimate battle with Voldemort.

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Man this is powerful stuff. Gratitude for the flame and the light

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Non ironically my favorite movie, one of my favorite lines. This is beautifully inspiring, my “what’s so great about historical figures” attitude in my youth (probably stemming mostly from ego) robbed me of the great sense of purpose that comes from being part of a long line of people trying to push humanity forward. I’m slowly trying to capture that now, to see for myself the project that was the Silk Road is one of the reasons I came to Central Asia

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"We are the dreams of our predecessors made flesh"

This is a great observation which I'll think about on many occasions from now on.

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Epic writing. Got me worked up for my ancestry-flow well.

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