While I have gotten an idea that you mean it almost all your tweets, this is first time I truly felt like "Visa is just a guy" in the most wonderful way.

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It's fun that I'm finding people I like on Twitter now on Substack. Interesting too that the long form writing here makes everyone I read feel more human. I like Twitter for what it is, but it does tend to turn into an endless sea of... noise. Addictive noise without a feeling of humanity behind it, unless you get lucky to have some real interaction beyond the front-facing posts.

But I digress...

I can relate a lot to your patterns/feelings here, except with music. I find myself staying up super late sometimes, messing with synthesizers, finding the right rhythm, the feeling I want to express, and sometimes it really disrupts my subsequent day. Is that the artist's dilemma? Is this an example of society saying that we "should" work during normal business hours, regardless of inspiration? Why would we care if people didn't follow up with things like, "is that healthy? Make sure you get enough sleep."

I don't always want sleep. Sometimes I want to create. I know what it costs.

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Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts in this piece, Visa. I've also felt that sadness for my old self when thinking about all the times I wouldn't walk away from a work session. Instead of realising that every session is not equal, and what matters is that I sat down and did it. Very hard to put into practice though.

And, in regards to your witching hour writing, I actually had this happen last night where I gave into the fact that I was awake so why not get up and see if there's anything that I need to write down. I did as it turned out, but I'm also feeling tired today. I'm not sure if I can do this long term like yourself, but maybe it's something I'll experiment with. Really fascinating to hear about someone else doing this as part of a regular schedule though.

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My dude have you been jhana-pilled yet? It seems like a lindy af (thousands of years old) technology to ensure your life feels like it’s bursting with color and light

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Hi Visa, long time FAN first time commenter. This post is meaningful to me in a lot of different ways.

I'm a long time night-owl (it currently approaches 3 AM my time, and I probably have to wake up by 7:30 for work), and it's nice to see someone a bit older than me, who still functions in the night, and makes it work for them. As I've been thinking about making a change in the future, to the ways in which I'm living my life, sleep is a huge pattern in my life, (one of those life-complete problems). It's important to have guides, or role models, people that are living life in a way that opens you up to certain possibilities, the ability to integrate my sleep habits with the rest of my life.

I've been reading a lot of your old posts on your blog, and reading this post I can see some of your patterns come up again. It's heartening to see you talk about avoiding failure, for instance, since I recently read a post from over 10 years ago talking about how you insufficiently prepared for failure. https://www.visakanv.com/archives/2012/05/12/90-weeks/

I'm sure this is but a small inkling of all the ways this essay sits and connects within your pantheon.

With regards to your 4th footnote, I'm pretty sure you follow him, but you must check out Andy Matuschak's notes/note-taking system, even the ways in which you disagree or are answering different questions will help clarify your thoughts. https://notes.andymatuschak.org/About_these_notes?stackedNotes=z4SDCZQeRo4xFEQ8H4qrSqd68ucpgE6LU155C

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lol i think similarly about the metacommentary/process type posts. from people who don't do it, i do think they're so valuable and that ppl should do them more, but if there's too many of them , maybe > the 8% figure you talk about, it can start feeling like too much

and i wonder how a baby will disrupt the schedule, maybe in the beginning it helps keeping u awake at ungodly hours and gets some voltaic verses, and makes you triumphant hahahaha

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Go for a walk.

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