"I’ve always wanted to be wise. This might maybe seem somewhat tacky to admit, but it’s the truth." ❤️ Feel permitted to admit the same. But also aspire to a specific, jelly-like, shimmering texture of silliness in addition.

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May 30, 2023Liked by visakan veerasamy

hey! took a read at your draft on dynamism (felt like an excellent visa fan nerdsnipe) and wanted to drop a few things that came to mind while reading

- in the corporate world everything seems to collapse down to a 2x2, I think it’s because it’s hard to keep track of more than that for most humans

- to improvise and have the capacity to focus on your environment, you need to be so good at stuff that it’s happening on a subconscious level. I wonder if before being able to unlock dynamism you have to have a decent handle on static frames

- even though we’re 4 dimensional beings, we can only really do one thing at a given moment—it can be overwhelming to figure out our choices, and we’ve probably obscured a lot of the decisions from ourselves otherwise we’d be exhausted

- there’s something about all of the above where you realize you have these constructs up to help you cope with reality and you can start playing with them much like the kid w the spoon in the matrix - structure serves as training wheels to help you understand stuff, but eventually you see where the structure is flawed and you seek more nuance (or stop caring ig)

- I think one of the toughest things to hold bc we’re meatbags in space is the fact that you can occupy multiple seemingly contradictory and paradoxical positions at the same time. It can feel like you’re being pulled awkwardly but if you can stay there, your option space is huge

- thinking about how Wooten plays and reacts-we can always be reacting to something in our environments and finding ways to turn dissonance into a pleasing sound playing with what we can control and resolving tensions

apologies for the ramble-hope there’s something helpful here to zag off of!

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You just reminded me! The longer one sit and thinks through a problem the more they get to adjust their inner dynamic impulse

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Hmm, I think the best single word to describe me is "dynamic". Yep. Youalreadyknow

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Let go of what no longer serves you to make space for what inspires you

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