1. The capacity of juggling multiple realities at once is the consciousness shift humanity needs. (While remaining roughly sane).

2. Truth is neither absolute, nor completely relative. It is layered. The deeper we dare go, the more depth we find.

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Actually you were very coherent. The Self expressed by our worldviews needs to be constantly reinforced (it is then often described as the ego) because this is how it exists.

Without this reinforcement, there would be no Self. So people will tell themsleves whatever they need to stay in the worldview that keeps their Self intact, including the wrong conceptualization of their problems.

Now, the twist happens when you introduce doubt into that self<->worldview connection. If you allow for changing worldviews, you reach a new level of the game as you poin out.

So when thinking about problems, it becomes also possible to wonder “Am I actually conceptually wrong about what is wrong because I was wrong about a worldview before and this is a subset/smaller so I should allow for this”.

I find it interesting to play with what our minds are capable and feel like we’re just starting!

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In Secrets of Our Success, Joseph Henrich writes about the Tukanoan tribes processes for preparing the cassava before eating it. When the Portuguese took the plant to Ghana, people died left, right and centre from Cyanide poisoning and no one knew why until they discovered that unprepared cassava constains Cyanide in huge quantities. The story of the pot roast made me think of that.

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@vgr said something similar in his interview at Farnham Street. Most people don't care about a truth's correspondence to reality. They ask instead whether a statement is acceptable to their ingroup or is good/evil.

I found "truth is a map to the territory of reality" to be a useful image. Eg, as you mentioned, people's attachments to the maps that made their world, and that all are wrong but some can ruin your life (I think that was one of your best tweets, perhaps because I saw you, in real time, for a weeks or so, grappling with the idea until you stripped it down to its core).

Playing around with this image me realize something. Maps need to be designed for humans to be useful. And some of them are more useful when they are "distorted" https://kahlilcorazo.substack.com/p/maps-and-memetic-monsters

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I wrote this in a very questionable state of sleep-deprived delirium so if any of it doesn't make sense or is disjointed... that's why

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