It is delightful to see you think in real time. It is a pretty strange sensation - it is kind of floating outwards, you don't know where you are going, there is a sense of a happening. It reminds me a bit of the feeling you get when reading Montaigne.

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This essay reads so lightly and effortlessly! Is it just me, or do others feel like it too?

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Something is in the water. The only way I've managed to get my writing out there lately has been in these 15 minute write-or-die sessions that I call "thought confetti". https://andrewjrose.substack.com/p/thought-confetti-1

I'm also reminded of Daniel's "B-minus Politics" https://maximumnewyork.com/b-minus-politics

> The question isn’t whether there will be losers. There will be. The question is whether there are fewer of them, and in better conditions, than before.

> Politics is too hard for there to be an end state, and if you take it seriously you should see that.

I suppose this is also true about writing. The question isn't whether I'll be satisfied. I won't be. The question is whether I'm in better condition than before.

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Man this is a sign. I just finished a draft for an essay called, “do the weirdest thing that feels right,” right before I opened this to read.

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Well done. With one bound, you are free!

That post has the rare and wonderful quality (so fragile, so easy to kill, to polish to death), of allowing us to hear you think, to overhear the rhythm of your thinking process. That has value in itself, entirely separate from the content of those thoughts. (Content which, incidentally, was also excellent.)

There is pleasure in listening to Let It Be; but there is also great pleasure in listening to the process of composing Let It Be, even if there are some dead ends, and all the notes aren’t perfect first time. Indeed, pleasure BECAUSE there are some dead ends and all the notes aren’t perfect first time; “Oh, so that’s how it’s done! What a high wire they are walking!”

Onward and upward...

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